1. Congratulations Sifu Red on the opening of LETHAL – and your message of happiness and wellbeing in a practical setting. Kevin Earle, Earle’s Academy Ving Chun Kuen

    1. Thank you Grand Master Kevin. I hope this will become a good platform through which people can feel safer and thus happier in their lives but also I hope it will become a spring board for those wishing to learn the art that saved and changed my life. Cheers 🙂

  2. Greetings everyone. Well covid did not strike here and if it did it would not have survived my thinking. It is my opinion that thoughts are things which ultimately means we are what we think about irrespective of any and all outside influences be they covid or a personal assault. With this idea in mind, where do you train? Do you train in the reactive state that is dictated by an attackers actions? Do you use the attackers energies against them? Or do you create your actions irrespective of what anyone else is doing? These are the three levels but there is a fourth, a sub-level that is actually inclusive of all of the previous three but which also includes life itself. It is this of your Wing Chun as a way of being. For example, when I fix a motorcycle my approach is in accordance with the three principles of Wing Chun. These are universal. Shortest distance, economy of movement and conservation of energy. Ironically, they are all the same thing…, but different. Food for thought?


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