Lethal Proprietor


Sifu Red Miller

Core Interests

Wing Chun Kung Fu, Classic Motorcycles, Herpetology, Animal Psychology.

Relevant Background

30 plus years training in Wing Chun plus another 8 eight years in various sports type martial arts.  This includes being a member of the Australasian Ving Chun Instructors Association and two years as Manager at Earles Academy Wing Chun (1989-1991). 

Later, came the formation and development of the Lightening Hands Kung Fu school (1999 – 2004) reforming and operating as Lethal Legacy (2004 – 2010) and then finally as Bay Wing Chun until 2017.  This included marketing and developing a range of on-going and short courses as well as managing the training program and classes throughout each incarnation.

Apart from grass roots class and school management, that 30 years honed skills in teaching strategy, conflict evasion, evaluating group and individual body language, conflict de-escalation, physical control systems, empty handed and weaponed disarming and related control systems, techniques for battered women, psychological strategies and physiological targeting and defence.

University study resulting in a B.SocSci double majoring in psychology & sociology (University of Waikato 2005) lends its academic weight and has been extensively applied to resource development and practical delivery.  In both private lessons and in class instruction it proves invaluable in the exploration and transmutation of thought into action.  This degree helps add flexible options as well as an academic credibility to the changing of thought processes in order to improve and change actions and life direction.

Personal Statement

At my funeral I wish to be thought of as having found great happiness and relative freedom based on my own self-determined choices.  I aim to make this happen and to demonstrate a way for others to become super people in their own right, and have a great sense of security or invincibility in how they pursue their happiness.

Martial arts and Wing Chun is not something I do in my life, rather, it is how I do the things that are my life; it’s the how not the what that determines greater success and happiness.

True Kung Fu is a circle, the art of fighting to not fight – it is the art of thinking before it becomes destructive, the art of finding the best way in the face of adversity – self defence is the art of recognizing how not to need it.

– Sifu Red