General Classes

Since covid 19: Enrollments for new classes in the Christchurch area will be accepted and class availability will be according to student enrollment numbers using the Bay Wing Chun training program. Use the contact facility to express interest and we will get back to you asap or go through the Bay Wing Chun website.

Further classes and ongoing specialized support for new Franchisees will be available exclusive of Bay Wing Chun although participation in general Bay Wing Chun classes is encouraged.

Private lessons

Private lessons are by arrangement.

1 Hour Private Lessons:  Mutually Arranged Time.

This is an introspective one on one training session with an instructor focusing on student areas of interest as it relates to your general Wing Chun training activities.  These lessons are designed to adapt more generic Wing Chun practices to the individual student taking into account the students’ personal understanding, physiology, disabilities and abilities.  The Private Lesson instruction is for the sole benefit of the student him or herself and is not necessarily beneficial or applicable to any other individual.  Note-taking is encouraged.

2 Hour Video Lessons:  Mutually Arranged Time.

The first hour of this two hour lesson is exactly the same as the ‘1 Hour Private Lesson’.  In addition to this though, the first hour is video taped capturing the instruction given in that first hour.  The second hour is spent re-examining and clarifying what is caught on video tape to give the student a broader view of their training and application as well as reinforcing the new information assimilated in the first hour.  Note taking is encouraged.