Lethal Products

Personal Safety Classes/Courses:

Public Classes:   supported by a 10 set lesson plan.

Kids Inclusion Class:  for kids from 5yrs who are training with a parent/care giver (under development).

Women’s Only Class:  supported by Beginners basics, Grapples and Dirty Tricks. Set Lesson plans.

1 Hour Private Lessons:  one on one training session with a senior instructor.

2 Hour Video Lessons:  is a video taped 1 Hour Private Lesson, examining the footage during the second hour.

6 Hour Home and Away Crash Course:  is a shock & awe tactical escape course for domestic and/or traveling situations.  Supported by 6×1 hour lesson plans. (Best seller course).

Joint-eze Class:  for retired martial artists and sports people who nurse injuries (under development).

Pensioners Class:  with the primary focus on understanding and gentle application (under development).

Invite Only Class:  for any senior students from anywhere who have been invited.  This is a non-instructed class (under development).

Trainee Instructor Course:  for all franchise management.

Grading camp:  conducted twice yearly and open to all franchised students.  Hosted by the BWC franchiser (under development). .

Franchisee Package:

(Under development). Legal and operating obligations and contracts; franchise operating systems and requirements; obligations, terms and conditions class/student training and evaluation resources; franchisee feedback; training and on-going support & development.

Student Package: 

(Under development). Fees/payment schedule; rules; terms and conditions; uniforms; class times and venues; student grading schedule; student/parental feedback; extras.

Compulsory Lethal logo-ed student uniforms and workbooks. Uniform t-shirts will signify a specific training level by colour and be paired with the appropriate level workbook.

Stickers, posters, videos and in-house discounts etc will be included in the student package as these resources are marketed through the local franchise.